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Celebrate In Style! Master Your Meetings! Feed Your Family!
Let us cater your next event!


24 mini donuts are custom topped with our delicious icings and toppings to create bite-sized treats! Perfect for kids and grown-ups alike!



Coffee Traveler.jpg

Fuel up your event with our exclusive roast of fresh coffee! Serves 8-10 and comes complete with cream, sugar, sweetener, cups and stir sticks!



Hawaii 2.jpg

The Kauai (Serves 15-20)

2 Dozen Donuts & 2 Coffee Travelers OR

2 Party Packs & 2 Coffee Travelers

The Oahu (Serves 25-40)

4 Dozen Donuts OR

2 Dozen & 2 Party Pack

3 Coffee Travelers

The Molokai (Serves 45-60)

6 Dozen Donuts OR

4 Dozen & 2 Party Packs

4 Coffee Travelers

The Maui (Serves 65-80)

8 Dozen Donuts OR

5 Dozen & 3 Party Packs

6 Coffee Travelers

The Big Island (Serves 100)

10 Dozen Donuts OR

7 Dozen & 3 Party Packs

7 Coffee Travelers

The Islands Packages

Don't see what you need? Let us know! We can make any event work!


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